Haunted Eureka Springs Tours

Both skeptics and believers in the paranormal love Haunted Eureka Springs Ghost Tours.  TripAdvisor reviewers rank us as the TOP ghost tour in the state of Arkansas! Find out why…


Now in our 5th year, our new and improved City Wide Van Ghost Tours and Walking Ghost Tours offer options that best fit your schedule and entertainment desires.


We meet for our tours at the Courthouse front steps at 44 S. Main Street.


Free parking is available after 6pm in any of the metered parking spots in the parking lot or on the street.

Want to take a tour ?

Want to take a tour of some of the most actively haunted sites in and around Eureka Springs?

Prepare for an adventure that enlightens you to our towns unique haunted history that helped make our little village to be considered one of the most haunted towns in America. Family and pet friendly, people off all ages rave about the great time they have on our tour.

Would you like to learn how to Hunt Ghosts with an EMF meter? What about communicate with the paranormal? Then join us on one of our combination van / exploration tours. Explore an active site, along with hearing the rich stories and history of Eureka Springs. There is a reason that Eureka Springs had more mortuaries, funeral homes, and undertakers per each citizen than most other U.S. cities. Book Now to experience it for yourself. Book early as many tours do Sell Out

Due to COVID-19; we are only doing our walking tours (below) at this time.


90 min Shuttle Van Ghost Tour

This Tour is temporarily suspended due to COVID-19

  • Takes you into 3 Haunted buildings and around town where we get on and off the climate controlled shuttle bus 3 times for the most comprehensive tour we offer. We start in the historic and haunted ROSSER UNDERTAKING building and conclude with a ghost hunt in an exclusive section of our town’s famous haunted underground catacombs! See places and hear stories throughout town that you won’t find anywhere else. There is a comfortable balance of standing, sitting and walking on this tour. $24.50 Adults; $19.50 Under 18. CLICK HERE for dates and times.
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Downtown Walking Ghost Tour

$ 14.50

  • Takes you on a stroll through our historic and haunted downtown. We start at the Courthouse then we are around downtown to our most interesting and haunted sites. You will end up in our famously haunted underground catacomb tunnels. Value priced and paced for most people (although there are stairs involved) join us for an adventure you will never forget. $14.50 Adults and Children (6 y.o. and under free). CLICK HERE for dates and times.
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Catacomb Ghost Hunt

This Tour is temporarily suspended due to COVID-19

  • Spend about half your time learning about Eureka’s Underground Catacombs and learning how to use Victorian as well as Modern Ghost Hunting Tools: including a FLIR camera, EMF detector, Spirit Box, pendulum, temperature gun, social ghost hunting app, etc. Then you will spend the second half hour of the event using those tools to hunt for evidence of ghosts in the best preserved stretch of our town’s underground Catacombs. This is NOT a “tour in the catacombs” (this is not like swimming with the rats in Indiana Jones 3.) But you do get to go into a portion of the Catacombs and you do get to hunt for ghosts there. We do not guarantee you will locate any ghosts, but then again…you might. This is not a “Jump Scare” event, although some people do get creeped out by it. CLICK HERE for dates and times
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